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5,455% Rise on Daraprim from Hedge Fund Manager’s Outlandish Mind

Daraprim is a drug to treat Toxoplasma, the disease that’s not too dangerous for most people but can be dangerous for those people who have the condition of low immune system such as in cancer and aids patients. Toxoplasma can also be dangerous for pregnant women because it can cause a child born into a disability.

Daraprim actually is not a new thing in the world of medicine. This drug were first discovered back in 1953 by Burroughs Welcome and the patent expired in the 70s decade. The marketing rights keep changing, start from Glaxo Smith Kline afterwards followed by Core Pharma then Impax Laboratories and last to Turing Pharmaceuticals who bought the rights in 2015. The owner of Turing Pharmaceuticals then makes an outlandish, selfish and we can say childish decision as well by raising the price of this drug from $13.50 per pill to $750 per pill which means an increase of 5,455%!! For drug that have long expiry its patent and has been became cheaper drug for many years, how ironic!

It can happen because only Turing Pharmaceuticals that has the right to sell this drug, so that they feel monopolize this market and can set prices arbitrarily. Martin Shkreli who is the mastermind behind it all and is the owner of Turing Pharmaceuticals assume that Aston Martin sold at price of bicycle was later changed to the price of Toyota, is not an act of crime.

Although Daraprim has long expired, the market was limited and the approval process for generic medication is quite long and costly, causing drug manufacturer reluctant to produce the generic drug version. For many years, only one company interested in produces this drug at the same time. This opportunity then captured by Turing and used it for maximum benefit.

With this decision, Martin Shkreli got a lot of criticism from various parties such as Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, HIV Medicine Association, Lobbying Group Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturer of America and many more. He then decides to lower the price but does not mention the number and timing.

For American, there is another solution which is to buy this drug from abroad such as from Canada or the UK which sold at a price ranging between $2 and $5 per tablet. It is a humane act to advocate people to purchase drugs from abroad considering the price is much cheaper and can save many lives.