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Dependence on Narcotic Type of Drug – Opioid Increased

Recent studies have shown that the use of this type of narcotic drugs such as opioids declined for reasons beyond medical reasons, but at the same time the use of opioids have increased in patients who use them for medical reasons.

This could indicate that there is a trend of the patient’s dependence on opioid drugs, although in fact the intended use can be justified medically. The percentage of increase reached 0.9%, which in fact is still quite small. While the percentage of opioid use not for medical purposes fell to 4.9% from 5.4%. From this figure we can see that the use for non-medical purposes is bigger than the opioid dependence itself, but the trends show an increase in the dependency.

Dr. Lewis Nelson from the New York University School of Medicine said that the decline in the use of opioid without a prescription from a physician is a good thing. While Dr. Beth Han from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) said that the increased reliance needs to be watched.

All we need to do now is better management from the physicians on prescribing the opioids drug to their patients. Physicians should monitor and see the progress of patients so that they do not fall to the opioid drug dependence.